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Are you curious about homebuying!? This is a very direct yet high energy guide that packs a very powerful punch!
In this compact guide, we'll go over everything you need to know concerning purchasing your first home, literally start to finish! The plus side is that, it doesn't matter if you want to buy today or in a few years, YOU NEED THIS INFO ASAP!

Not only will you learn how your payment, saving and down payment is determined, but I'll make a few suggestions on how to get assistance with closing cost. You'll also learn what to expect at the closing table.

Finding Your Vibe: The Homebuying Guide

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Release date 10/1/23!
  • In this book, I'll give you a couple scenarios of actual events my clients and I experienced with low appraisal reports and how we manuver through those. The goal is for you to walk away feeling confident about the journey ahead.

    Also, we answer a few common questions most first time home buyers have such as....

    -How much do I need to have saved up?
    -What is an acceptable credit score?
    -Where do I start?
    -Is the closing cost the same as the down payment?

    And so much more...

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